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Too Old for Sex. When Is the Time to Stop?

When to stop having sex? This is an intriguing and significant question. It goes without saying, that it will be discussed for many a time and with great passion. To tell the truth, it is difficult to give a certain answer. There should be taken into account multiple factors. 60 or 70? Maybe soon after 50 already? Or you can make love even after 80? Such debates may be pretty lasting. Viewing different researches and studies, you can easily learn proven facts concerning this issue.

In this particular issue, one should consider health conditions, which step in the first place in older age, as well as motivation, capability and desire. Nobody restricts your desires. If a man wishes to have sex, he will find the opportunity for it. Undoubtedly, women are eager to have regular sex as well. Nevertheless, statistics clearly indicates that women give up wishes about sexual intercourse earlier than men do.Too Old for Sex. When Is the Time to Stop?

In the year 2009, there was published a large study, which was targeted at finding out the attitudes of people who reached the age of 50 and more. The study wanted to know how many people of both genders still provide active sexual life and who have already given up this desire. Approximately 3,000 of the participants of the questionnaire were aged 85 years. All individualities were asked all possible questions about the most delicate and sensitive aspects. According to the final results, the researchers published 10 major points, which will be especially interesting.

These are:

  1. About 41% of women that were in the age 75-84 years had a partner. In the meanwhile, the percentage in men reached 78%, which is amazing.
  2. Many men and women lived out of wedlock. Female part consisted out of one-fifth of the questioned. The percentage of male part reached the figure of 30%. These were the indications of people aged 65-74. Younger generation showed even higher percentage. It seems that people prefer being cohabitated.
  3. About 3% of men and 1% of women told that in the course of the previous year they have had more than one sex partner.
  4. 38% of men and 17% of women aged 75-85 years had sex at least once per year.
  5. The younger groups showed tendency for having vaginal intercourse. Nevertheless, people aged 75 years and over gave more interest for pure kissing, hugs and sexual touching. They preferred sensitive side of sexual activity.
  6. The older group mentioned that they were engaged in oral sex. This made 28% of males and 36% of females. Nonetheless, this percentage was much higher by younger groups.
  7. Approximately 7% of men and 3.4% of women preferred same-sex relations.
  8. 28% of men and 16% of women aged over 50 had great interest in masturbation. The percentage of youngsters was also quite high. The oldest participants had masturbation at least once in the while of the previous year.
  9. All male participants said that they had sexual interest regardless of the possible opportunities and circumstances. The elderly participants had at least thoughts about sexual intercourse.
  10. Over 90% amongst all participants hugged their partners, which showed their sensitive needs.

This study has shown that many people of old age have interest in sex. Most part of these are men. Participants of all age categories revealed a great need in hugging. Older people adore touching or watching even more than physical intercourse. Some of the oldest participants had more than one partner during the year, which is also surprising.

The study shows that regardless of age, people wish to have sex. Some of them can do that, while the others at least think about it. Emotional relations are of great importance for elderly individualities. However, they do not refuse from physical contact, if there is an opportunity.

Why Stopping, if There Is a Desire?

Many people mistakenly think that old generations do not have sex, because they do not wish it anymore. This is a wrong thought and multiple studies and interviews prove that. The younger generations might be even surprised by great interest to sex from the side of men and women aged 50 and over.

The greatest numbers of sexually interested and active individuals are men. They experience even stronger desire than they have had in their young years. Commonly, such people do not want to be engaged in serious relationships, preferring funny escorts. These make them enthusiastic and help to regain the desire for life pleasures.

Conventionally, older men prefer much younger ladies. The main factor why they choose younger partners is obvious – man’s eye adores visionary contact. Men want to see the beauties of young body. Notwithstanding, some men opt for mature women as well, because they are experienced and know how to bring to a man great pleasure. It is worth adding, that these women are still younger than men are.

Multiple researches prove that ages of 50, 60 or even 80 are not the end of sexual life. There is no point in denying your wishes. There should be a real desire for sexual activity. Of course, much heed should be given to health conditions. The process of aging gradually takes away our strengths and people are not capable for definite physical actions. There appear various disorders and ailments. One of such is inability for sexual intercourse.

When talking about males, the main difficulty is erectile dysfunction. Nevertheless, there are many specific medical preparations that are capable to help them in this matter. They can maintain male erection and even improve its quality. One of the advantages of such preparations is a wide age range of individualities who can use them.

Considering all factors, there is nothing that would make you refuse from the pleasure of sexual activity. It can be reached naturally or with the help of medical cures. Age is not a verdict, unless your health conditions do not allow it.

Therefore, live long and happily. Maintain healthy way of life and make love in any age. Do not restrict your desires. Being cautious, anybody can reach pleasure whenever he or she wants.

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