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My Canadian Pharmacy: The Unsurpassed Quality Meeting Unparalleled Customer Service

When you buy medications online you cannot be sure the quality is there in roughly 8 cases out of 10. The advent of the web and the increase in popularity and production of generic modifications didn’t solve the core problem – a limited access to medications. This is explained by the fact that the market was flooded with counterfeit products and scam drugstores: so on one hand we have a better selection and increased risks on the other one. The state of affairs applies to almost all the high-demand preparations, although it has particularly hit the niche of erectile dysfunction products. Buying quality Generic Viagra or Levitra (regardless of whether it is a branded or generic drug) remains a highly complicated task.

My Canadian Pharmacy has been created to help millions of Canadians make the right choice and get quality medications whenever it is needed. The platform aggregates dozens of trustworthy online drugstores (primarily domestic ones), offering a huge array of ED products at more than affordable prices. Many people don’t pull the trigger because of lack of confidence, information or guidance when it comes to selecting the drug, and that’s no longer a problem at My Canadian Pharmacy – you can turn a savvy support service into account just when you need it. Contact our experts and get professional advice right away – making a well-grounded choice has never been easier.

Unparalleled Customer Service

My Canadian Pharmacy pays close attention to erectile dysfunction treatment solutions: from proven, reliable meds to comprehensive information on side effects and treatment options, backed with statistics and competent points of view – these are the advantages you can always count on. The platform doesn’t require you to share your personal information (with the exception of placing an order), and all the information processed through MCP server is not shared with 3rd party companies or services – confidentiality is the foundation stone of our platform. We respect your privacy and maintain certain standards that back our principals. Thus, we do select only those drugstores offering transparent refund policies, under 21 day shipping options and provide discreet packaging, so you can only be sure you are always on the secure side of the road.

ED preparations helping you to get rid of the issues effortlessly

At My Canadian Pharmacy we gather dozens of proven, finest quality preparations that help to combat erectile dysfunction in a truly effective way. The platform offers a rich selection of generic preparations by less-known companies. Moreover, you can choose from the drugs available for certain abroad local markets, offered at totally affordable prices (2-3 times lower in comparison with the original preparations) and boasting enhanced properties; thus, you may want to consider Viagra Super Active +, having an increased dosage of the active ingredient, sildenafil citrate, you may also want to get Viagra Super Force, coming with two active ingredients – dapoxetine and sildenafil citrate, a stunning option for premature ejaculation treatment.

Busting Generic Viagra Myths with Facts

In today’s world men’s sexual dysfunction is a very common phenomenon – according to the Institute of Men’s Health almost 19 million of males in Canada and the US suffer from ED symptoms. Bringing physical and psychological discomfort in the daily lives of millions couldn’t have been left unnoticed. Therefore, the use of effective means to restore the natural erection in men is essential.

In 1992, in England, when creating drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular, sildenafil citrate ingredient has almost failed. However, apart from to the main action, a drug had a specific way to affect other vessels. During clinical trials, it has blocked certain enzymatic substances, which in turn dilated blood vessels of the pelvic organs. As a result of the improved blood flow the erection of penis was achieved.

Thus, the further tests were initiated in a completely different direction. After their completion, in 1998, the Brand Company has released its famous Gemeric Viagra. The three pharmacists in the same year have won the Nobel Prize. Although the scientists were awarded the prize for the development of drugs to facilitate health condition in pulmonary and cardiac diseases, the world has received the drug on the basis of sildenafil citrate for the treatment of sexual dysfunction in men. A few years later Cialis and Levitra have replenished the list of PDE5 inhibitor medications, followed by the production of generic modifications.

How it works

Generic Viagra-like preparations increase the blood flow to penis by relaxing penile smooth muscles. Taking the drug is recommended 50-60 minutes prior to the intercourse. Since the drug works only with sexual stimulation, uncontrolled erections are excluded (in the absence of sexual desire the erection simply does not occur). The initial dose is 25-50 mg once a day, if necessary, on the advice of a specialist you can increase the intake to a maximum daily dose of 100 mg. The effect lasts up to 4-5 hours.

The drug acts gently retaining a natural opportunity to complete sexual intercourse, helping to maintain erection and leveling premature ejaculation problems. After ejaculation the state of erection passes away naturally, yet the time for sexual recovery is less. As with any medication, sildenafil has contraindications, therefore before taking the drug a professional consultation is required (kidney problems, renal insufficiency, cardiovascular disease, 65+ years old and other cases may require dose adjustment). Take the drug is not recommended to be taken with meals and fatty foods in particular, alcohol consumption should be excluded as well.

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