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My Canadian Pharmacy: How Diabetes Influences Sex Life?

It is a well-known fact that diabetes may influence sexual life. How do this happen and how to live with such diagnosis?

For many a year, sex life is essential for both men and women with all its pleasure and intimacy. However, difficulties that sooner or later occur usually influence people’s lives. When it happens, people change their lives and consider problems in sex as heavy and irresistible burdens.

At definite point, sex issue is one of the most common and widely spread social problems of modern society. Therefore, people ask various questions of a significant value, for example: “What are the reasons of sexual problems?”, “What to do to treat them?”, “What is the best type of medicine?”, “How deal with sexual disorders psychologically?” and other questions more or less important for them.Disease that Causes a Sexual Dissolution

Disease that Causes a Sexual Dissolution

Knowing about main and important reasons that cause problems with sex life is of great importance to both men and women. Although, very often they are not aware of such serious disease as diabetes. It is a condition when there is a high level of sugar (glucose) in the blood.

There are several symptoms to keep in mind concerning diabetes:

  1. Depression;
  2. Tiredness;
  3. Anxiety;
  4. Insomnia;
  5. Loss of weight;
  6. Obesity;
  7. Erectile dysfunction;
  8. Sexual problems with women health;

Two last options are widely discussed nowadays because researchers and scientists have found the statistics that 50% of men suffer from erectile dysfunction and about 25% of women have sexual problems.

Influence of Diabetes on Men’s Health

As previously was mentioned, erectile dysfunction or other words impotence is a widespread difficulty among men. Men usually come across it when it is difficult to get a firm erection for sexual intercourse. Because of the big amount of glucose in the blood, nerves and blood vessels are damaged through all the body with the inclusion of vessels that lead to and within the penis.

Moreover, even if men suffer from diabetes, it is possible to reduce the opportunity of erectile dysfunction. They have to bear in mind an important fact – always keep the sugar level of blood under control.

Erectile Dysfunction is not the Only Problem

Unfortunately, diabetes can leads to other problems that are of a paramount importance for men’s sex life. Nevertheless, they are not too dangerous or harmful because it is easily to eradicate them.

The first one is retrograde ejaculation. The semen passes in other direction than it should be and it causes problems when two young people want to conceive a baby. In such cases men try to control the blood sugar level normal or otherwise they can ask for help a specialist in the special sphere of medicine.

Testosterone deficiency is the second condition that usually entails reduction of libido. However, it is too easy to produce enough amount of hormone testosterone.

Take a look at the list of rules, which can reinforce hormone’s production:

  1. Lose excess weight;
  2. Stop smoking;
  3. Control the level of sugar in the blood;
  4. Regularly do physical exercises;
  5. Try to keep fit;

Main Sexual Problems Experienced by Women

It is not a secret that very often women suffer from sexual problems that can be very serious and dangerous not just for physical health, but also for psychological. Women can experience lack of vaginal lubrication, uncomfortable and painful sex, problems with orgasm and reduction of libido. Of course, all these symptoms can occur without presence of diabetes, but this illness intensifies such possibilities.

Firstly, the damage of blood vessels and nerves leads to the deficiency of lubrication. As a result, a woman will have a sensation of unpleasant feelings and even terrible pain. Consequently, in order to avoid discomfort, women can use special vaginal lubricants.

Secondly, women can lose interest in sex, sensation and sexual response. These conditions without any doubt will cause problems with orgasm and health. Particularly, psychological problems will appear which are more difficult to get rid of.

10 Recommendations

It is difficult to believe in, but in most of the cases it is possible to omit all these problems and have a normal sex life. It was previously mentioned a couple of considerable tips, although you also have to follow other sufficiently important advice.How Diabetes Influences Sex Life?

Here are some basic recommendations about sexual problems’ eradication:

  1. Constantly keep under control the blood sugar level;
  2. Stop smoking;
  3. Limit drinking alcohol;
  4. Reduce stress;
  5. Have a good rest and enough sleep;
  6. Do regular physical exercises;
  7. Try to be in shape;
  8. Visit your doctor;
  9. Visit psychological trainings;
  10. Use different types of medicine (drugs, vacuum pump devices, injections or surgical interference);

Therefore, in modern society there is a big variety of possibilities that can help to improve your sexual health and life, to continue to get pleasure from intercourse with your beloved and feel yourself as in your 20s. You have just to keep in memory that daily work on yourself will overcome all problems!

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