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My Canadian Pharmacy explains why medications are cheaper in Canada

Recently the trend of buying medications in Canada has been gaining momentum. Why is such a thing happening? My Canadian Pharmacy tries to analyze the given issue.

For example, in the USA medical drugs are very expensive. At the same time, in Canada the price for the drugs is half as much as it is in the USA. It doesn’t mean that Canadian drugs are of lower quality. The reason is the government price control established in Canada. Canadian government secures the interests of Canadian citizens and uses its power to provide people with the better health treatment conditions. In fact, the prices for the prescription drugs are fixed and determined by the Ministry of Health.

My Canadian Pharmacy explains why medications

That is why a lot of Americans go and buy medications in their Northern neighbor. It even came to the point where governmental bodies of some communities that have certain budget problems develop programs of purchasing medications for their citizens in Canada. The appearance of numerous online pharmacies has helped American people buy cheap medications without the necessity of visiting Canada, just with some clicks.

According to the marketing research conducted by Wall Street Journal several years ago more than 80% of US citizens consider that the import of Canadian medical drugs should be supported by the US government. Certainly, this is the case of the medical drugs checked and approved by the Canadian Ministry of Health. In the course of the investigation it also emerged that more than one in ten Americans bought prescription medications in Canadian pharmacies.

US pharmaceutical companies strongly reacted to this tendency and even tried to use their power and connections in Washington in order to launch the prohibition process against Canadian medications. They declared that the main reason of the process is the risk of the appearance of low-quality drugs at the market due to the possible unreliable quality control in the country of origin.

The behavior of US pharmaceutical companies can be explained by the fact that as a rule they invest a lot of funds in medical researches, development and launch of new medications. That is why US pharmacies need to cover their expenses and to provide financial support for the further research and development activity.

In fact, the prices for the pharmaceutical products in the USA are so high that some people can’t afford buying them in the drug stores especially if they need to take medications on regular basis. So, people choose to buy cheap drugs and maintain their health. That is why people don’t see any problem in buying medications in Canada as they save up to 80% of their expenses in some cases.

Low prices for medications in Canada and in Canadian online pharmacies, in particular can be explained by the wide range of generic drugs offered there. As a rule, generic drugs are much cheaper than the original products as the manufacturers of generics being independent and located in the developing countries don’t have expensive brand and don’t bear high labour and marketing costs. At the same time, generics have the same ingredients as well as the same medical action and therapeutic indication as the branded medications do.

The peculiarity of the US pharmaceutical market lies in the fact that US pharmaceutical companies try to control prices as well as the consumption of the prescription medications. In the USA all the prescription drugs must be approved by FDA, the US analogue of the Canadian Ministry of Health. FDA protects the local pharmaceutical producers therefore it is very difficult for the producers of generic drugs to obtain the FDA approval for their products.

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To sum it up, in the USA strict rules of drugs approval and pricing policy established by the pharmaceutical companies make it difficult for the customers to buy cheap drugs. At the same time, governmental control in Canada together with the wide availability of generic medications in online pharmacies provide customers both in Canada and in other countries with wide range of possibilities to find the need medical drugs at the appropriate prices.

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