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Hidden Risks of Erectile Dysfunction Treatments Sold Online

Do you always feel safe buying erectile dysfunction treatments online? Why is it dangerous sometimes? Be aware of all risks! Buy safely!

Modern world is full of wonders. Nanotechnologies make our life comfortable and easier. We can do different things quickly and without many efforts. Today we don’t have to stay in long queues, wait for the order, waste time to move from home to drugstore and back. Nowadays you can buy everything you need online. There is a great number of online drugstores which offer their products.Pills for ED treatment

Online Drugstore VS Local Drugstore

Online Drugstore Local Drugstore
No time limit: search and select as much time as you want People in the queue can disturb you and won’t let you do the choice the way you want (you can even forget to buy something because of that)
A great opportunity to learn what you want about your health disorder or drugs in the articles published on pharmaceutical websites You can ask some questions a druggist but he/she can be limited in knowledge and will tell you to turn to your doctor
You don’t feel uneasy while ordering pills from ED because no one sees you You feel ashamed of your problem and wait till there are no people in the drugstore to order your drugs from ED or other unpleasant health problem
You can use online consultation to learn more about drugs and the way of their usage You can ask a druggist about the drugs and way of their usage
Works 24/7, so you can order your pills even at night It is hard to find a local drugstore that works non-stop, so you are to wait till it opens
You can order the pills at home, in the street and even at work because you need only the access to the Internet and you can even easily order the thing you’ve forgotten to order the first time You are to leave your house, go to the drugstore, waste your time and nerves in queues, especially if you are to come back because you’ve forgotten something
You are to wait for the parcel some time You get your order immediately
The prices at online drugstores are lower and the choice is bigger The prices are higher and the choice doesn’t always satisfy the customers

Still, there is a serious problem. Some online drugstores can be unreal or sell low-quality drugs. This is especially dangerous for those who buy erectile dysfunction treatments. These drugs can cause serious side effects in case of low quality or wrong ingredients combination. Sometimes online pharmacies produce drugs but do not mention the whole list of components. It leads to serious health complications and instead of feeling better people feel worse and spend several weeks in the hospital. Consumers cannot see the hidden risk on the laptop monitors. They entrust their lives to frauds and suffer.

What Combinations Can Be Dangerous?

For those who treat erectile disorders it is a well-known fact that Sildenafil, Avanafil, Tadalafil or Vardenafil are not to be combined with other ingredients of the same mechanism of action. Patients usually take 50mg-100mg pills to experience the effect that lasts up to 7 hours. The result is so good due to the direct impact on blood vessel system. There were cases when men didn’t want to wait long and took more. As a result, they got overdosed and had serious health complications. Now imagine that some fake pharmacological company decided to sell the drugs which have both Sildenafil and Tadalafil. Such combination can turn to be a real bomb for the man’s body and even lead to fatal outcome. You are to know for sure what is there in your drugs. What other things can contradict each other?

Here you can see the most common warnings for ED treatment use:

  1. Do not take nitrates if you are going to use Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Avanafil or Vardenafil;
  2. Tell your health adviser about all drugs you take, especially if they are from:
  3. High or low blood pressure
  4. Heart problems
  5. HIV or AIDS
  6. Infection and inflammation (like antibiotics)
  7. Diabetes
  8. Prostate problems
  9. High level of cholesterol
  10. Fungal
  11. Try to avoid such herbs like Rhodiola Rosea or Red ginseng (they also improve men’s erection)
  12. Even some vitamins can be dangerous in the process of ED treatment

So, before you decide to buy some drugs online, you are to choose a trustworthy online drugstore. The next thing is that you should be aware of all ingredients that must be included into your ED drugs. If you see that something is wrong or doesn’t correspond to the required list, turn to a druggist or a doctor.

Some pharmacological companies produce pills that look like originals but consist of talcum powder and colorants. Some lessen the dose. For example, you need Viagra 100mg. You buy them but they have no effect. It’s because it is written 100mg, but contains 10mg. So you pay for nothing. There are a lot of such examples of cheating.

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The Pills Which Have Bad Fame

FDA is an organization which tests different medicines and food. Their task is to learn whether these or that drugs are up to the standard or not. Food and Drug Administration made a list of fake drugs which don’t correspond to the requirements and are harmful for human health.

Among them you can find:

  1. Actra-Rx
  2. True Man
  3. NasutraNeophase
  4. Strong Testis
  5. Xiadafil VIP tablets
  6. Rhino V Max
  7. Vigor-25
  8. Erextra
  9. Lycium Barbarum L.
  10. Shangai Ultra (X)
  11. Zimaxx
  12. Neophase
  13. 4EVERON
  14. NaturalUp
  15. Hero
  16. Liviro3
  17. Yilishen
  18. Energy Max
  19. Rhino V Max
  20. Blue Steel
  21. Max
  22. Super Shangai
  23. Adam Free
  24. Libidus
  25. Actra-Sx
  26. HS Joy of Love
  27. Lady Shangai
  28. Naturalë Super Plus
  29. Shangai Regular

Every year new drugs are added to the list to prevent the patients from buying wrong medicines.

How to Find a Good Online Drugstore?

Online drugstore is very convenient but you are to select it carefully.

There are some hints which can help you do that:

  1. Check whether all the drugs are approved by FDA
  2. See if there is a contact number and e-mail where you can turn to
  3. Online consultation should recommend you visit a doctor before the beginning of medication and follow his recommendations.
  4. The pharmacy must have a license and official address
  5. Only professionals are to be employed.

If you have such a possibility, you can order some cheap drugs at the pharmacy you’ve chosen and test them. If the specialists will approve them in the laboratory, then you can take them and order other drugs. It means that you’ve done the right choice.

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