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Depression in Men: Choosing the Right Treatment

Depression in men is a hazardous condition, which seriously affects an organism, mood and way of thinking. It influences how a man eats, sleeps, estimates himself and perceives the reality.  A depressive disorder cannot be compared with a transient distemper and is not a sign of a weak personality. If a man does not cure his depression, its symptoms can last for weeks, months or even years, while a proper treatment, which typically involves drugs taking and/or psychotherapy short-term courses, truly helps many men suffering from this unsafe state of mind.

Symptoms of Depression in Men

Depression in men is a hazardous condition, which seriously affects an organism

According to the scientists’ estimates, in Canada at least 6 million of men experience depression every year. A man is suppressed if:

  • He is always in low spirits;
  • He is in despair and pessimistic;
  • A man is flooded with sense of guilt, failure and own helplessness;
  • He is not interested in his hobby anymore (including sex);
  • A man faces problems of concentration, difficulties with memorizing and is hard to take decisions;
  • trouble sleeping: earlier awakening or oversleeping;
  • appetite and weight changing;
  • speculating on death or suicide;
  • excited behavior and evident irritability;
  • never-ceasing physical signs: headaches, digestive disturbance or chronic pains in body incapable to conventional measures.

What causes Depression in Men

Neuroscience, genetics and various clinical studies introduced evidence that depressive conditions present a brain disorder. During depression reflex arches, which are responsible for our mood, thinking, sleep, appetite and behavior, do not function as they are supposed to do and neurotransmitters-chemicals (they are used by the nerve cells for communication) are misbalanced.

Mainly, combination of genetic and cognitive factors together with environmental factors has a direct relation to the male depression. Brain injuries, loss of a loved one, strained relations with somebody; financial problems, absence of professional achievements, and other stressful situations have an impact on a man’s lifestyle and are likely to provoke a depressive episode, which with course of time can emerge over and over again for no clear reason.

Depression may be caused by certain physical conditions: hypothalamus dysfunction, insufficient fusion of thyroid hormones, excess of cortisol (hormone of adrenals), diabetes, oncologic diseases and deficit in testosterone production.

Whether a disposition to depression is inborn or acquired, it relates to changes in a brain structure and functioning. These changes are detected with the modern technology of video-signaling devices.

How depression in men is treated

Depression is caused when a man is not satisfied with social, psychological or biological facts of life. But on-time cure helps to overcome this painful condition. The most effective depression treatments for today are:

  • psychotherapeutics – psychoanalysis, cognitive behavioural therapy, gestalt therapy;
  • breathing-relaxation trainings;
  • luminotherapy;
  • aromatherapy;
  • insulin injections;
  • antidepressants taking;
  • sleep deprivation;
  • electric electroconvulsive therapy (is used exclusively for men with a high risk of suicide).

If a man comes to a professional with his problem, he wants to be prescribed with pharmaceutical depression treatment as drugs seem an easy way out. But various antidepressants, tranquilizers and antipsychotic drugs have numerous side effects like sickness, dizziness, weight gaining and even obtusion of self-preservation instinct. Depression is to recover your zest for life, so the treatment must be as pleasant as possible. What are the most enjoyable non-medical ways of depression cure?

Go in for sport! Physical activity promotes testosterone production in men. This hormone gives a man a sense of pride and recovers his self-confidence. If a man is reluctant to go to a gym, his partner is to motivate him and become his model for imitation.

Set out on travels. Depression is the right time to let it all hang out and go on a journey. New states, places, cultures, people and adventures (what will you say about bailing out, bocking or flybording?) will deliver you from wrong thoughts and give new emotions.

Get engaged in charity. Cannot get rid of depression? Go to a hospice, orphan asylum or animal shelter and see how strong a love for life can be. Relieve distress and this will help you pull through your own depressive condition.

Have a session of lumino or aroma therapy. Pamper own carcass and try what you have never tried before. Candles, light music, miracle effects of life, splendid aromas and tender fingers of a professional massage therapist – what else a man can dream of?

Take advantage of Needle therapy. It is the most progressive way to treat even clinical depression with ideas of self-destruction and is effective when neither medicines nor psychological trainings work.

Which method to choose? Arrange a visit to a psychologist – they are crazy people and always are ready to offer the most unusual ways to cure exactly your depression.  

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