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5 Health Conditions That Could Be Causing Erectile Dysfunction

Being a man, you have definitely heard about the devastating sex-related condition called erectile dysfunction. Also known as impotence, the issue strikes mainly elderly men in their late 60s. However, the condition is becoming more and more severe, so an increasing number of young males experience it. It has been reported than more than 50% of the whole male population has faced the issue. Erectile dysfunction is a nasty health disorder that may be caused by both physical and psychological problems. The issue prevents a man from a full sexual intercourse due to his inability to achieve an erection sufficient for the intercourse, as well as to hold it. Additionally, erectile dysfunction leads to the inability to get timely ejaculation. Even though the risk of impotence occurrence grows with age, the condition is dangerous for every man.Impotence

Being an embarrassing and unpleasant issue to admit, male patients keep suffering from the disorder. However, those brave and decisive people who consulted their healthcare providers have obtained indispensable treatment and continued enjoying a full and healthy life, filled with satisfaction, pleasure and love. Stress, weariness and fatigue can sometimes lead to a temporary inability to get an erection, though it is not a reason for concern. Start worrying and looking for a solution in case the symptoms of your condition aggravate and become persistent. Address your healthcare provider to find the reasons of impotence occurrence and select proper treatment.

Finding the Cause of ED is Half the Battle

While many people keep suffering from dysfunction and stay untreated, other patients get qualified help from experienced doctors. With the development of pharmaceutical sphere, patients can buy the medications for any condition, so erectile dysfunction treatment is rather accessible; just admit the problem and get ready to solve it.

Striving to treat erectile dysfunction it is vital to remember that the issue is more serious than just an inability to get an erection. The condition can be a sign of more serious health complications that require medical assistance. Getting rid of the underlying problem will help eliminate the symptoms of impotence. It means that if you find the hotbed of the disease, you are much more likely to get effective and fast treatment. Thus, consult your healthcare provider, provide him/her with all the details of the disorder and get inevitable recommendations and instructions concerning the treatment course. Probably, prescribed medications will not produce the desirable effect, so you have to treat related health problems first and then the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

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Doctor and patientIt is a well-known fact that in the vast majority of temporary problems of achieving and maintaining an erection, stress and weariness play an incredible role. However, permanent inability to get an erection can be caused by two types of reasons: psychological and physical. On the one hand, mental disorders are easier to treat, though it is not always so. Sometimes one can improve any physical condition faster and more effective than one with psychological disorders. However, it has been approved that depression and weariness do not commonly cause permanent erection, while serious health disorders can stimulate blockage of the blood flow to the penile organs.

Top 5 Health Problems to Increase the Risk of Impotence Occurrence

The results of numerous investigations and medical tests aimed at discovery of the main reasons of erectile dysfunction helped to single out top 5 most widely spread, frequent and disturbing conditions, leading to problems achieving an erection.

These causes include:

  1. Diabetes. It has been estimated and approved that more than 60% of males with diabetes experience erectile dysfunction either occasionally or on a permanent basis. Besides, men suffering from diabetes tend to develop impotence at least 10 years earlier than healthy ones. The reasons of such statistics are numerous. Diabetes is the health problem that affects many body functions, including muscles, blood vessels and nerves that take active part in erection achieving. Diabetes has a negative impact on the blood vessels and nerves reducing the ability to get an erection. Thus, even if you have perfect testosterone level and sex drive required for a successful sexual intercourse, you are not likely to get firm erection anyway. Willing to improve the situation, males with diabetes can take one of ED drugs available. However, another problem may appear during the medicine administration: men affected by diabetes usually have accompanied heart problems. Powerful impotence drugs affect the heart immensely, so it is not recommended for such patients to abuse magic pills.
  2. Obesity. Erectile dysfunction is the condition that appears mainly in people with disorders of the vascular system. Obese patients tend to experience these disorders much more frequently, thus, impotence is more likely to bother overweight men. Slight, insignificant excess weight is not taken into account, since we are talking about serious cases of obesity, when people’s body mass exceeds 30 BMI. In such cases the issue contributes to erectile dysfunction greatly. Obesity affects the health of a man in numerous ways, including metabolic processes, cholesterol levels, heart disorders and hypertension propensity. Additionally, the condition influences the general health and its peculiar areas, such as sleep, fatigue, depression, etc. Moreover, obesity contributes to erectile dysfunction directly through lowering of testosterone levels in the organism. In this respect, overweight males have reduced sex desire, drive and lower libido.
  3. High cholesterol. Increased levels of blood lipids known as cholesterol are reported to actively participate in erectile dysfunction occurrence. Abnormal concentration of lipids in the blood, called dyslipidemia, is a spread condition that affects the ability to achieve erection immensely. Hyperlipidemia or high cholesterol and triglyceride levels are reported to affect the ability to get and hold a strong erection. The results of medical tests show that men with increased cholesterol levels risk getting moderate and severe impotence much more frequently. However, it is important to get rid of the problem in complex with other health problems. There is no reason in reduction of lipids in the blood if a person has untreated obesity or diabetes. The full course of treatment of underlying issues will definitely be an advantageous deal on the way to a successful sexual intercourse.
  4. High blood pressure. Another issue that affects male’s ability to achieve an erection is increased blood pressure. The statistics claim that about 50% of men over 40 years old being diagnosed with hypertension also experience the problem of impotence. The reason of such correlation is hidden in the functioning of arteries hindered by high blood pressure. The complication prevents arteries that are responsible for carrying blood into penile organs from dilating in a proper way. Besides, health disorder decreases the ability of smooth penile muscles to relax, thus, the blood cannot get into the penis. As a result, an insufficient amount of blood in the penis prevents a male from a healthy and firm erection. Additionally, high blood pressure medications can also stimulate erectile dysfunction.
  5. Anxiety. One of the main psychological reasons of impotence is anxiety. Stress and erectile dysfunction are tightly neat and have a strong connection. Anxiety and stress lead not only to failure getting an erection, but also to related health problems, such as high blood pressure and increased cholesterol. Besides, the fear to experience ED can discourage a man from intimacy and sexual activity. This cause in the most dangerous in respect of spoilt relations and new psychological disorders.

Other Reasons of Erectile Dysfunction

In addition to the most wide-spread issues, numerous patients get erectile dysfunction developed as a result of other health problems, such as endocrine disorders, nerve problems, neurological diseases, cardiac-related issues, emotional disorders, etc. Moreover, medication intake can also increase the possibility of erectile dysfunction occurrence. Consult your doctor, get rid of problems causing ED and enjoy a healthy and balanced life.

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