Welcome To My Canadian Pharmacy

We are happy to see you on the official website of our Internet pharmacy. Our team works hard every day to help our customers to overcome their health problems and to get back on track within the shortest reasonable terms and without ruinous expenditures.

We offer an extensive selection of healthcare products, including medications, personal hygiene and care means, products for babies and children. Furthermore, if it turns out that the product, which you need, is not included in our catalog, we will make every effort to provide you with the opportunity to order it or offer an advantageous alternative. So, in case you encounter any problem, contact our customer support team, and they will definitely fix that. Certainly, you can also turn to our pharmacists in case you have any questions about the products from our assortment or the health conditions, which you face, our specialists will gladly give you the exhaustive information. Providing our users with the highest quality of service is one of our top priorities.

My Canadian Pharmacy is the brand, which is closely associated with premium-quality products for taking care of health and beauty that are sold at reasonably attractive prices.

Story of My Canadian Pharmacy

Our company has been serving customers for more than 25 years. Throughout the entire period of our work, we have been collaborating only with those suppliers that have proven to be trustworthy and to act in strict compliance with the laws and common ethical business principles. Although we have already managed to take one of the leading positions in the market, we keep on improving our services and extending our assortment day by day in order to offer the unequalled shopping experience to every customer. Our mission is to provide patients from all over the world with top-quality pharmaceutical assistance and services. In other words, we ensure the access of our customers to a large assortment of safe, effective and quality healthcare products and tools at low prices within short terms and without any interruptions.

Our extensive assortment of medications is one of our key advantages, which is worth mentioning as a separate point. And, currently, we are actively extending it with new cosmetic items and other products for personal care, as well as promoting these new goods.

Our bestsellers

  • Viagra
    Viagra as low as $0.36

    Viagra (the active substance ― Sildenafil) is a medication for erectile dysfunction (ED) that enables a man to get an erection, which will both come and look naturally. This medicine starts working after a man gets sexually aroused: it increases blood tension in a penis, so that an erection is strong enough and lasts for a sufficient period. After an ejaculation, an erection goes away. Certainly, if a man wants, he can have sex more than one time during the action period of the medicine. Viagra is a product with a temporary effect, which lasts for about 4 hours. One should take this drug before sex only, there is no need to use it on a daily basis. According to the instructions, one should take a pill about 60 minutes before sexual intercourse. One should never take any ED medications more than once a day, that is dangerous. Also, doctors recommend avoiding fatty food on those days, when one plans to use Viagra, since that may affect the absorption of the medication, and, as a result, it will need more time to produce the effect.

  • Cialis
    Cialis as low as $1.20

    Cialis is the medicine created by US pharmacologists that contains Tadalafil as the active ingredient. It is officially approved by the FDA for treating ED. It acts similar to Viagra, but its action period is much longer ― up to 36 (!) hours. Certainly, that figure may differ a bit, due to individual peculiarities of metabolism. Speaking about the use of this drug, one should take a pill containing 20 mg of Tadalafil 16 minutes minimum prior to sexual intercourse. Cialis can be safely mixed with food. There is no need to adjust a dose in the case of a renal or hepatic failure, as well as for elderly patients.

  • Levitra
    Levitra as low as $1.22

    Levitra is another drug for impotence. But, unlike the ED products mentioned above, Levitra can also be used for treating premature ejaculations. It is successfully applied by both elderly and young patients, who can suffer from ED as well. This drug should be taken when needed only ― 20–30 minutes prior to sex. One can feel its effect for about 4–5 hours. The recommended daily dose equals 20 mg, however, it can be adjusted by the doctor. In case a patient is young and does not suffer from concurrent diseases, he can be prescribed a higher dose, if that is needed. This product can be safely combined with certain medications, vitamins and biologically active additives. Also, one can mix it with alcohol, but the dose of ethanol should not exceed 100 g.

  • Pink Female Viagra
    Female Pink Viagra as low as $1.99

    Female Viagra is the medication for women that helps to normalize a sex life. Similar to men, women can also experience varied intimate problems that prevent them from achieving satisfaction from sexual intercourse. Such problems can include reduced sensitivity, decreased libido, inability to get an orgasm, etc. They can be caused by a wide range of factors: from reproductive system disorders and diseases to stress, physical exhaustion, relationship problems. To help a woman to enjoy the sex life to the fullest, this drug enhances libido, increases sensitivity to sexual stimulation and intensifies orgasms. This medication is characterized by a powerful, but harmless effect. It helps to restore the sexual health and to prevent sexual diseases without building up a tolerance. Also, it has a few contraindications. The number of the potential negative side effects is minimal as well.

  • Cialis + Viagra Powerpack
    Cialis + Viagra Powerpack special price

    This pack includes 2 tablets of each medicine. The set is designed for those men, who have not chosen the most suitable ED medication yet. Ordering it, one can try two most popular ED solutions without buying a large pack and see, which one suits his needs better.

The Key Facts about My Canadian Online Pharmacy

On our website, you can easily and quickly order any medicines, cosmetics or personal hygiene means, which you may need. Using the services of our online platform, you will avoid the majority of problems and difficulties associated with buying medicines at traditional offline drugstores, like wasting time on standing in lines or meeting your neighbors, when discussing intimate health problems with a pharmacist.

As a customer of our company, you will be provided with an ultimate shopping experience. Finding and purchasing medications will take minimal time and effort, due to a user-friendly website, an intuitive search engine, a simple ordering procedure and qualified support from our pharmacists. Besides, our prices are significantly cheaper than at any other local or online drugstore. To order the product needed on the most beneficial terms, you just need to find it in our catalog, to press “buy” and to select the optimal delivery and payment options. No doubt, our website is one of the most comfortable platforms for purchasing medications and other healthcare products without leaving the home. Our team accepts and processes orders 24/7/365, so that you receive the items needed within the shortest possible terms. Our customer support specialist are at your service around the clock as well.

We Take Proper Care of the Security of the Users' Personal Data

As you know, in order to use the services of any online outlet, including pharmacies, you need to provide certain personal data, like your name, contact information and shipping address.

According to laws, any information, which can be used to identify a personality, is considered to be personal and should be carefully protected.

To become our customer, you are required to provide truthful and reliable information about yourself and give your consent to its storing and processing. In our turn, we guarantee that it will not be disclosed to any third-party companies. My Canadian Pharmacy takes every reasonable effort to protect the personal information of the users from any kind of unauthorized access. We have been operating in the sphere of e-commerce for decades, so we have already implemented all the necessary precautions that eliminate all the risks associated with the security of personal and banking information.

Why Should You Choose Our Website for Buying Medications Online?

The high quality of products is the top priority of our company. To ensure it, we carefully inspect the way of each and every item from the laboratory at the pharma factory to our warehouse. We collaborate with the most reliable domestic distributors or directly with producers.

All the products presented in our catalog are officially certified. We guarantee that there is not a single counterfeit product.

Our company operates in conformity with the law. We treat our customers with respect and honesty.

Our assortment comprises more than 12,000 items, including the medications that are difficult to find. And you can book and receive all those products within the shortest reasonable terms.

We strive to keep our prices to a minimum, so that each and every patient can afford to buy all the medications and healthcare products he needs. Our budget-friendly pricing policy is not associated with any quality or safety issues. The point is that, due to high sales volumes, we can afford to avoid extra charges.

In addition, we regularly run all sorts of promotions and offer discounts on seasonal and popular items. Certainly, our customers can join a loyalty program and get an additional 5% discount.

To learn more details, phone us or order a return call 24/7.

About our team

We are proud to say that our team includes certified and highly-educated pharmacists only. Furthermore, all of them receive additional professional training on a regular basis, since the pharmaceutical sphere keeps on rapidly developing. Each member of our team can be described as a vastly experienced and highly-skilled specialist that fully supports the values of our company and treats each and every customer with due respect and care. Our personnel perform their functions with enthusiasm and diligence.

The role of a pharmacist goes beyond just selling medications, such a specialist is to provide all the information about the drug, which a customer needs, as well as to give recommendations on how to prevent the health problems specified. Certainly, a pharmacist should also encourage a client to have a consultation with a doctor before trying any medicines. Furthermore, one can turn to our pharmacist 24/7 in case he faces any side effects or other problems after starting the treatment course.

The job of a pharmacist is creative enough, it cannot be called routine. During his working day, he talks to hundreds of patients and helps them to solve their health problems and to take proper care of their health. No doubt, such a job provides great satisfaction and fills a life with positive emotions.

The Discounts, Bonuses and Offers

The loyalty of customers is our biggest value. And, to encourage and strengthen it, we stick to a personal approach, when working with every user, and provide our clients with all sorts of special offers.

To help our customers to reduce drug expenses to a minimum and to provide them with a positive shopping experience, we run the following kinds of promotions:

  • discounts, including seasonal ones;
  • "2 products for the price of 1" offers;
  • offering extra quantities of products for free (for example, a customer can get 10% for free);
  • adding free gifts to orders;
  • demonstration promotions;
  • providing free samples;
  • win-win lotteries;
  • offering gifts for completing questionnaires.

Our drugs

As it has been noted above, the catalog of My Canadian Pharmacy includes more than 12,000 products. We offer a full range of medicines and healthcare products for each family member. Due to the fact that we have been working in this sphere for quite a long period, we have already got a clear idea of our clients’ needs and preferences and can easily predict, which products will attract their attention. Certainly, as the pharmaceutical industry keeps on developing, we keep on working on our assortment and extending it with new items. Our catalog includes healthcare solutions for dealing with varied acute and chronic conditions, disorders and diseases, including neurological, urological, gastroenterological, endocrinological, cardiological and other problems.

We realize that the selection of medications on the market cannot be extended limitlessly, so we make every effort to help our clients to take the most out of available healthcare products by providing exhaustive instructions and recommendations.

Meanwhile, we also pay special attention to the quality of every product, which is presented on our website. Every item offered is authentic, officially certified and registered by the FDA. Certainly, we strictly follow all the storage and delivery requirements in order to make sure that you receive 100% safe and effective products. If you order medications from our online pharmacy, there is no need to worry about any quality issues.

Products for Erectile Dysfunction

ED is the problem that affects both senior and young men and makes a negative impact on all the spheres of their lives. Its prevalence keeps on growing year after year, and, consequently, the number of men searching for effective solutions increases as well. We have decided to place a special emphasis on the selection of ED medications in our catalog, so that every man can choose the item suiting his needs perfectly.

Speaking about the reasons for ED, it develops due to problems with a blood flow in a penis. When a man is sexually stimulated, walls of vessels supplying blood to his penis relax, which increases blood tension and causes an erection. When this process is disrupted for some reason, for example, due to problems with performance of enzymes, an erection does not come or is too weak. And, if a man faces difficulties in reaching a tight erection on a regular basis, that condition is called ED.

Another widespread erectile problem is premature ejaculations. It is the condition, when an ejaculation happens before a man receives a satisfaction from intercourse. As a rule, it is caused by a lack of neurotransmitters.

My Canadian Pharmacy offers several groups of medications that can help to overcome erectile problems:

  • PDE5 inhibitors;
  • NO-synthase stimulators;
  • alpha blockers;
  • antispasmodic drugs;
  • dietary supplements containing natural plant and animal ingredients.

The majority of ED products is produced in a form of oral tablets, but there are also injections and sprays available. Certainly, most customers give preference to tablets, since they are more convenient to use. The most well-known ED medications include: Sildenafil (the brand name ― Viagra), Tadalafil (Cialis), Vardenafil (Levitra) and Udenafil (Zydena).

Generic Viagra ― the Most Popular Solution to ED

Viagra is the world-famous ED medication, which entered the US market more than 20 years ago ― in 1998. The curious fact worth mentioning ― this drug was originally used to treat cardiovascular problems.

As an ED medicine, this product should be taken 30 minutes prior to intercourse. It enables a man to get a strong erection during a period of about 4 hours, which is enough to have sex more than once.

Almost all the men that have tried Viagra claim that it has produced the effect expected. By the way, some men report that they feel the effect of the drug and stay sexually excited for longer than a period indicated ― up to 24 hours. No doubt, the effect differs, depending on the peculiarities of a man's organism.

Speaking about the side effects of the product, they may include flushes, headaches, dizziness, nausea, priapism (a painful erection that lasts for hours and requires medical assistance) and others. Also, this medicine has a range of contraindications. Consequently, it can be used on the doctor's prescription only.

Generic Cialis ― the ED Medication that Provides a Revolutionary Long Effect

The main reason why men opt for Cialis is its long-lasting effect: its duration can reach up to 36 hours, according to manufacturers. Consequently, a man can safely take such a pill well in advance of sexual intercourse, so that his partner does not learn about his erectile problems. In addition, compared to Viagra, Cialis starts working faster ― in about 15 minutes after a pill is taken. And in about 2 hours its concentration in blood reaches the maximum. Meanwhile, the suction of this medication is not affected by food or time.

Similar to Viagra and other PDE5 inhibitors, Cialis does not act on its own, to feel its effect one needs to get sexually stimulated. So, the entire process will look quite naturally. Also, there is no need to worry about accidental erections at the most inappropriate moments.

Customer Options Provided by My Canadian Pharmacy

  • The safe, fast and convenient delivery services. The order will be shipped to you within the shortest reasonable terms, regardless of your place of residence. Certainly, we will make sure that the shortage requirements are strictly followed. In addition to traditional shipping services, self-delivery is available. It is intended for those, who are rarely at home.
  • The comprehensive selection of products. Using the services of My Canadian Pharmacy, you will no longer have to waste time on searching for medicines prescribed at dozens of drugstores. Just open mycanadianpharmacymall.com and buy all the medications and healthcare products needed on one platform 24/7. We appreciate your time and will contact you to check the order and delivery details within the shortest term.
  • The quality warranty. Since we work with reliable and reputable suppliers only, we can safely claim that each and every item is 100% quality and effective. Certainly, we also guarantee that all the products are stored, packed and shipped in strict compliance with the standards and manufacturer's instructions.
  • The lowest prices. We work hard every day to keep them to a reasonable minimum. You can hardly find an online or offline pharmacy providing the offers that are more profitable.
  • The own warehouse. Due to our own cavernous warehouse, we always have a sufficient stock of goods and can form and send orders without delays. Also, that allows us to control the storage conditions and to make sure that they meet the requirements.
  • The wide range of payment options. If you prefer to pay for your order on the Internet, you can do that with the help of a card or a bank transfer. But you can also use cash: make a payment at a self-delivery point or send it with a courier.
  • Availability 24/7. Whether you want to place an order or ask a question about our product, our customer support specialists are at your service around the clock both on workdays and on weekends, including holidays.

What customers say about us

  • Ted Newman, Seattle, Washington

    I have been buying medications from this website for more than 5 years, and I have never had any quality problems. I use generics. There is no difference in the effect, but the price is several times lower, so I see no sense in overpaying. Pharmacists are polite and friendly, shipping is convenient and fast enough.

  • Anna Peterson, Billings, Montana

    During my last visit to a local drugstore in our neighborhood, I was so shocked by the total sum that I made a decision to try an online pharmacy. I searched on the Internet and found this website. Prices here were much cheaper, the difference was more than 50%, so I decided to try. All the medicines, which I received, worked as effectively as those from a local pharmacy, so I kept on buying here. By the way, I subscribed to their news, and now they inform me about all the upcoming discounts and sales. Also, as a loyal customer, I receive an additional discount on every order. Certainly, I recommended this pharmacy to all my friends and neighbors.

  • Nick Sanders, Portland, Oregon

    If you are searching for a reliable online pharmacy with a large assortment and cheap prices, this one is the best choice. I have been using it for 2 years already, and I have never had any complaints about its goods or services. Registering, searching for medicines and placing an order are simple and fast, and you can always contact a pharmacist, if you need any help. And orders are delivered swiftly ― within a week or so, if you choose a courier service. As for prices, they are several times reduced, compared to those at offline drugstores.

Read more My Canadian Pharmacy Customers Reviews here.

Canadian Pharmacy News

May 18, 2018

It may safely be said that sildenafil discovery became a real revolution in pharmacological manufacture, since the male sexual problems can be solved rather easily. Men have fast estimated convenience and high performance of Viagra. It became a best-seller regardless of its high cost. Many men finally felt joy of fully-realized sexual life. The effectiveness of magic pills appeared to be legendary which naturally cannot be ignored by women… A Glimpse of Female Curiosity Notwithstanding the fact that Viagra was developed for men suffering from erectile dysfunction of various severity […]

January 19, 2018
Pharmaceutical Insurance

Pharmaceutical Insurance Introduction One of the most important parts of health service are medicinal products which have definite price taking a weighty part in therapy cost. Over the last years, medications become progressively complicated and expensive. Life-term medications appear in more quantity on the market which requires considerable expenses. An entire series of medicines delays age-related loss of earning capacity and provides a society with high economic effect. Thus, in accordance with development of medical science, meaning of medical support constantly grows. Large hospitals hire their own pharmacists staff. In […]

January 10, 2018

In one person in ten, at most, ED drugs can cause headaches, facial redness, stomach burns, myalgia and back pain. However, these are completely innocuous medicines. In one case, they can be dangerous if administered without medical supervision: if the patient is cardiopathic and takes nitrates. The combination of these treatments can cause a drop in blood pressure, up to collapse. Nitrates are contained in heart disease treatments such as nitroglycerin and drugs used in the treatment of angina pectoris. Sildenafil is also contraindicated for retinitis pigmentosa patients. In this […]

December 7, 2017

Despite premature ejaculation being a rather common problem (researchers estimate that the vast majority of men have experienced premature ejaculation at least once in their life),  public awareness of this male sexual health disorder and ways of dealing with it is rather low. We at My Canadian Pharmacy mycanadianpharmacymall.com are sure that whether you suffer from premature ejaculation yourself, are the sexual partner of a man that is affected by this condition, or simply want to find out how to minimize your chances of having premature ejaculation disorder later in […]

November 17, 2017

Cialis has been sold worldwide since 2003. It was the drug manufacturer Eli Lilly who developed Cialis and today is a very strong competitor for Viagra. The biggest difference between Viagra and Cialis is that Cialis has an effect lasting about 36 hours while Viagra lasts about four hours. Cialis (tadalafil), like sildenafil, is a selective inhibitor of phosphodiesterase with the indication erectile dysfunction. As with sildenafil, sexual stimulation requires that the drug is effective. The proportion of responders in clinical trials, i.e. Patients who recovered normal erectile abilities were […]

November 13, 2017
Malayan Root

History of Tongkat Ali (Malayan Root) According a number of scientists from Oxford university, 18 million people living on Earth have one and the same ancestor. And this forerunner is Genghis Khan. His relations with wives were under seal of secrecy. Anyway, it was known that the quantity of his wives reached 7000. Only nowadays, research studies in Mongolia, the USA, Japan and India discovered unknown details of Genghis Khan’s intimate life. It is known that he liked Chinese women, since they were aware of great secret of male power […]

November 10, 2017
Distinguishing Features

Specialists from Chinese Medical research study institute have conducted their own examination of PDE5 inhibitors in order to compare their effectiveness. In therapy of potency disorders, the leading role belongs to tableted medications, such as Cialis, Levitra and Viagra and their multiple generics. Competent selection of required tablets is possible in case of estimation of drug’s mechanism of action and consumer’s requirements. It is important to gain insight into similarity and difference in action of these remedies. Far-eastern urologists conclude about similar characteristics of products, their distinguishing features and the […]

November 7, 2017
Impotency or Blindness

“The intake of Viagra, internationally acclaimed remedy for impotency, may lead to complete loss of vision.” This sensational announcement was made by Dr. Howard Pomeranz who heads a department of neuroophthalmology in medical center of Maryland University. This scientist stated that he had testimonies of at least seven cases of blindness the occurrence of which is due to Viagra administration. Sight loss in such cases occurs because of termination of blood supply to ophthalmic nerve. This condition is observed in men suffering from diabetes or hypertension. Research study by Dr. […]

October 30, 2017
Viagra analogues

Viagra analogues are drugs for male potency boost. They contain sildenafil. Pharmacists call them generics, i.e. medications comprising effective active substances of the original in dosage not exposed to laboratory control. Due to simplified technology of generics production, the remedies have much lower process than the original. Mechanism of Action Efficient generics are issued either by companies producing originals (as in case of Viagra), or by other companies that have rights on production of generics, for instance, a big number of Indian pharmaceutical companies. Generics may be represented by cheap […]

October 25, 2017
Original Cialis vs Generic Cialis

Causes of Erectile Impairments There are the following causes of ED: Hormonal impairments – decrease of testosterone production, formation of pituitary adenoma, hypogenitalism due to production of the female hormone, prolactin, in male organism. Anatomic changes of penis along with structure alteration of cavernous bodies after wounds, infections, or inflammatory processes. Tonus impairment of vessels that are responsible for blood supply of male sexual organs. Varicose, thrombosis, or wall tonus impairment reduce the possibility of erection to zero, since blood cannot fill penis in required quantity and vessels cannot contract […]

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